COVID-19 Detection with COSWARA

An acoustics based COVID-19 diagnostic tool

COVID-19 has changed the world in the last two years. While swab based RT-PCR is the gold standard for testing, this method is invasive in nature and limited in scalability. Through COSWARA, we try to find bio-markers of the disease in acoustics such as cough, breathing and speech sounds and thereby making it a point-of-care, quick, easy to use and cost-effective tool to diagnose COVID.

Check out more details [here].

We have developed the COSWARA screening tool which is a web based application that produces a COVID-19 score based on the submitted multiple acoustic samples. Check this video for a demostration on how to use this tool. Try out the tool [here].

The second DiCOVA Challenge

We successfully conducted The second Diagnosing COVID-19 using Acoustics (DiCOVA2) challenge in October,21. The goal of the challenge was to garner global efforts in building an effective COVID-19 detection tool based on acoustics.
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